“Bassoons are the little black dress of the Orchestra” – Mona Lyn Reese

A beautiful description of the Bassoon by Mona Lyn Reese “They are the little black dress of the orchestra. Pair them with a flute or violin for pearls; a trombone for a jeans jacket; a clarinet for red skirt boho-chic. Bassoons are the best, they are my best composer friend”.

It is another member of the double reed wooden-wind instruments. Evolved in recent centuries, bassoon is notably used to play bass, treble and tenor clefs and are significant in modern chamber music, orchestras and bands. A bassoon is one of the sizes, and a bigger version, the double bassoon or the contrabassoon are also commonly used. Bassoons are appreciated for their unique character, range and tone. The bassoon playing integrates scientifically irrational positioning of the fingers which is critical in producing traditional and signature bassoon music. The recent decades have witnessed a surge in the usage of bassoons, especially that of German bassoons also called Fagott, universally. If you are fascinated to be a part of the melodious, balanced and power of sound creating musical instrument, contact us for a free trial.

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