Let’s remember the words of Plato, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”. These words said in the BC era, still holds true, in fact adds more relevance to the hectic modern world. The old style of bonding with nature and active playing has been drastically altered with the advent of technology.

Nowadays kids are mostly occupied with smart phones or TV’s which have several effects on the tender minds and growth. Scientific evidence suggests that music training every week
improves children’s learning and reading skills. Also, music activity improves co-ordination, movements and brain development of the kids. Learning will be their routine and discipline follows. If they really fall in love with their instrument, they can choose it as a career. We never know if the child will be the next Beethoven or Mozart.

At Frankfurt Music Community, we take special care in training kids, we don’t teach them, we make them express their music skills and enhance fondness to their instrument and discover that world with music is more beautiful. Bring them to us for a trial class and we give them the wings of music.

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