Electric Guitar


“I like loud electric guitars because I like how you can just lose your entire being in the sound”. – Michael Gira

From the pioneers that electrified the blues and rock’n’roll way back in the day, all the way up to the guitar heroes of the 70s and the 80’s and nowadays to a whole new generation of players inspiring millions of followers, the electric guitar is without a doubt one of the most influential instruments in modern music.

The sound resonates with your mood, and those attractive deigns and colours of the electric guitars turn into an apple eye among the youth. Such small changes brought a revolution in the contemporary composers creating new trends of tunes. Of course, it is a guitar, a real different nut with those metal wires raced by the 5 digits and a pick. You cannot take your eyes away from these guitars, especially if you are a teen. We understand the youth, so as our guitarists who will mould you to sculpture new trends of tunes. Visit us for a trial and you will realize it’s the right place to be a rock star.

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