English Horn


“Eat, sleep, Cor anglais, repeat” – unknown

English horn, also called Cor anglais in French or alto oboe, is a member of the Oboe family instruments. English horn neither has a shape of a horn nor has the roots of the English. It is a hyper grown Oboe with a bell-shaped bottom, bent metal crook at the top which bares the double reed, creates the horns unique sound.  It is considered as a supplementary instrument for the Oboe section and is generally placed below the Oboe in the orchestra score. The Cor anglais is a slightly heavier and needs great stamina to blow for longer time. They have their share in many romantic works but mostly English horn find its part in an opera and only a few composers make parts for it. Are you interested in learning this unique reed instrument, then we are happy to offer a free trial.


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