Hello Frankfurt, we are finally here! A community to share, care and transform musical dreams into reality is in your neighborhood. We are professionals, inspired to unfurl music opportunities in the city. Our philosophy is more than just teaching, we wish to add music in your life. We offer regular workshops on range of instruments, individual and group performances, musical events and more.

Whatever your level, beginner to professional, there is pie for all. There are special programs for your darling toddlers and cutie kids to fascinate them with music learning. If you want to make your special occasions more memorable with our music, we are ready to mesmerize you, with solo performances or a bands/ensembles. All our musicians have loads of experience and you will never be disappointed. We have versatile musicians and vocalists to choose from and special packages to your events are on offer. Register and stay tuned to our regular event and workshop news. Please call us, or visit our website for upcoming events.