Instrument rental

Rent an instrument

Ola all music lovers, beginners, learners and professionals. We are finally here, “The Frankfurt Music Community”, a one stop address for all your musical dreams. Have you ever dreamt of a musical instrument and couldn’t afford to learn it? Your passion should never be hindered, we understand this, being music lovers ourselves. To specially cater your musical needs, we are offering selected instruments on rent. Its not a money purpose, it makes your life easy in many ways.

  • Depending on the level of your expertise our teachers can directly help pick up your best music companion saving your time to go around many stores.
  • Many music kiosks fabricate old instruments and rent them for exorbitant prices. Here at our music school you are free from all such hassles.
  • There might be a need to change the size of the instruments, and hence no point to own them, just rent with us.
  • We have some great renting offers, all to only promote your zeal in music.
  • Either you learn with us or just rent with us, we are here to deal.
  • Your time is precious, avoid time to search and time to go. We have repair and maintenance services for selected musical instruments. Our team of expert craftsman care each and every instrument.
  • Don’t fear those contracts, our exits are rather easy with great value for your money.
  • Are your registered with our teachers? Then you are even more special. We have more offers for you. Just reach us to know more.

Start your priceless music journey at our service centre!