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Eureka! Frankfurt has it now, an inspired musical tribe to reach every heart wishing to dive into the ocean of tunes. We teach music, organize workshops, rent and service instruments. We are a young team of experienced professionals dedicated to expand the music culture in the city. If you are a professional in any musical instrument, have excellent communication skills, craftsmen, and good organizing abilities, then you can be a part of our exciting community.

You will be working in an amiable atmosphere of musicians supporting each other for the growth of the community. Yours tasks will be defined; schedules will be planned and we always promote your growth as a musician. Our motto is ‘express and enjoy work’. You will find a great scope of work life balance with us. These are a few good reasons to join us, when they are your interests too, we are happy to welcome in our team. We have openings for music trainers. Drop us a mail with your CV, motivation letter and area of expertise, and we will get back to you.