Josip Chandra

Josip started his guitar journey at the age of 10 when his father bought him his first acoustic guitar. At first it was a curiosity and interest but in few months it developed into a genuine interest and love. He studied with many teachers but most important was his love towards his instrument that made him practice and investigate many styles of music. He played with many bands and projects and explored many genres of music, like pop, rock, funk, latin and blues!

He played and recorded with many Berkley and London school of music graduates and learned and studied with them. Few years ago while traveling trough Spain, he discovered Flamenco and since then fell in love with this ancient and complex style of music and art which he studies at this time.

His moto is: If you want to develop your music skill and become good at what you love, you have to play the music that creates passion in you, the music you love!

Music genre

Classical music, Latino, Flamenco, Pop, Rock, Country


English, Croatian