Kara Molnar


As your vocal teacher & trainer you get to learn how to fell and use your body as an instrument, find out the best songs and styles for your voice, learn the safe way of singing and avoid injuries of the vocal chords, do register exercises, reaching higher and lower notes, do breathing exercises for a healthy singing style, do strengthening exercises for a powerful and rich tone, enhance the vowels, pronunciation and phrasing in singing, find the natural voice effects, learn how to do runs like a pro, learn to sing in a microphone, learn how to warm up your voice before a show, enhance the interpretation skills, how to breathe and sing while moving and dancing


Lead vocals in different bands in Romania and Germany, Jazz, blues, pop singer and composer, Vocal coach of the choir of the Baptist Church Agape, Timisoara, Romania, Vocal coach of lead singers in Romania and Germany, 2017 – 2018, music composer and singer of the song I Feel Stronger, for the film Rabby and the Tortue – Hunt for the Golden Seed, produced by Quarterheads Studio in India, 2016 – 2018, founder and conductor of the Amicorum Choir project, Germany, 2015 – 2017, played the main role in the German musical Broken Hartz, 1st prize at the singing contest Romanta de Toamna, Romania – singing my own compositions, The Public Prize at the singing contest Tineretea Canta, Serbia – singing my own compositions.

Kara took private canto classes with the opera singer Imre Beatrix Leila, at Beart International Association

Music genre

Jazz, Pop, Voice training, Phrasing


German, English, Romanian