How we work

A strong foundation is a key for any success. At Frankfurt music community, your musical journey is our passion and we are professionals because we understand the way not just to play music, but to make you excel in it.

Our way of teaching is building strong foundation and make your journey a lifetime experience. Every individual teacher is provided freedom to choose the best method or a course book for the student. Depending on the level, the Suzuki method can be an option or similar courses are normally chosen. What we add more to our methodology is to train interested students for various music competitions such as ‘Jugend Musiziert’, Mendelssohnwettbewerb’ ‘ABRSM’ and many more. Whatever is your passion, we train you accordingly.

In addition, different music trips to play together and visit instrument making companies and more are organized. Importantly, one method we greatly encourage is to play in our ensembles, bands or other workshops, these make you more confident to play music anytime without stress. We constantly develop new methods to enhance your music basics, knowledge and passion to play great music. As our philosophy is not just teaching music, but caring your musical journey.