Mònica Hernàndez


My name is Mónica Hernández, I was born in Pamplona, ​​the city of music Born in Colombia, where I played various instruments from a young age, including drums, recorder and flute, clarinet, oboe and Violin, the instrument I chose for my further musical path and with which I played in various orchestras at home and abroad. I also participated at various festivals and finally started my Studied instrumental music violin at the National University of Colombia and continued in the city of Mainz in Germany. During this time I had the opportunity to attend a seminar on musical to attend early education and that’s when I decided after completing my Master’s degree to start this new course that I’m currently doing and that gave me different methods to improve my teaching for made possible the different instruments I play. Through my studies at a pedagogical school and participation in I was able to take various pedagogical courses, including Suzuki pedagogy. In my daily work as an instrumental teacher, I attach particular importance to support each student individually in his uniqueness, because of the imparting ability to turn sounds into music means that develop the greatest possible joy in playing an instrument. So In each lesson I try to find the best for the individual to find suitable methods and to develop new goals step by step. In both individual and group lessons, I try to teach the children through creative use of music (experimenting, researching, improvising etc.) the joy of music, the sound, one’s own voice and the mediate instrument. I try to do a variety of activities, so that the children learn music as a means of expression.

I also believe that play, socializing and having fun are just as important as concentration and serious creative work.

Music genre

Classical music, Modern Music


German, Spanish