Music Theory

No person in the world reads the lines of a song, even a poem is read with an expression. A song, though enjoyed by a lay man with a shrill has a rhythm good or bad, this gives life to the lines and lives forever. There is a foundation, set of rules and arrangements all come under Music theory.

Knowing how music works paves way for variety of genres and traditions in music. The basics of the theory are a key for musical development and transformation. The theory helps to understand the usage of different instruments to create great pieces of music. The three fundamentals of music theory include Melody, Harmony and Rhythm build the basics of every instrument which are scales, chords, keys and notes. Learning theory might not be as interesting as playing an instrument, but the joy of understanding is like living in the music. The greatest composers know the in an out of the music, dive from highs and lows, brings together the great sounds from all instrument in a heavenly rhythm. It is not an exaggeration to say that all such composers are immortals, they are around as the masterpieces. It is a composition that creates a total music of any instrument and composers are creators of soulful music. Do you want to create an era of your own, writing those everlasting music pieces? We are here to train you, visit us for a free trial and you will choose to learn with us.

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