Oboe (d‘amore)


“Conductors do not know how the oboe does its work, but they know what the oboe should contribute”. – Peter Drucker

Every musician in an orchestra is a craftsman in their own, and oboists are to be one of the best. Many agree that Oboe is one of the most difficult instruments to play. Oboe d’amore, made of clear timber, is a type of orchestra’s melodious double reed woodwind instruments belongs to Oboe family. Oboe d’amore is larger than the Oboe, produces serene high tunes and often used as a solo instrument. It is rather a young instrument, invented, admired in early eighteenth century and the glory returned in the recent decades.

It has a pear-shaped bell and its warm lyrical sounds are more compared to a French horn. Many significant works for the instrument were created by the legendary, Johanna Sebastian Bach among many. It is truly a gem of the music devices and if you are delving for a peaceful pass time, Oboe d’amore could be the one. Contact us for your free trial lesson and you can realize that our expert’s dedication conquered the difficulty of Oboe d’amore.

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