Beat a drum, drag your bow, blow the air, pull a string, press the keys and all they do is create a music, an aeonic emotion that designs tradition, holds generations and inspires future, all in the space of silence. The music is blind to colour, deaf to language, vast without borders and entices a child and the old alike. Exactly, this is our story, the philosophy of Frankfurt Music Community.

In the world moving at the speed of fast forward, a need to relax and introspect is essential and nothing does it better, than playing some music. We teach a range of instruments, both as a hobby or to be a professional. We emphasis more on adding music to lives, inspiring a peaceful living, time of joy and more through music. We do this just not for the teens or the adults, but from the early age we like to create those musical vibes that would help creating a fun now, a wow tomorrow and a wonderful future.

Our teaching includes a practical approach through tours to the traditional manufacturers to understand the roots and what it takes to make an instrument and be a musician. More than training, our highly experienced staff cares your musical journey. Even for the staff, it is an “express and enjoy” philosophy. At Frankfurt Music Community we are here to spice your life with music and are you ready for the mojo.