“It is very easy to be overly expressive on a recorder, but finding the right balance is quite difficult”. – Michala Petri

Recorders for many are nostalgic, those childhood memories where as a child we learn it in schools and have lot of fun strikes our thought. Recorders originated in Europe and first usage dates back to 14th century. It belongs to the flute family and are traditionally made of wood, although primitive models carved out of ivory have been discovered and the modern forms are made of plastic or Bakelite.

Recorders are known for their clear, pleasing sound and no wonder they are the most common music instruments during the period of Renaissance. It is a very social musical device that is often played in large groups with variety of music including modern works. The recorder’s thumb-hole and seven finger-holes distinguish them from flutes. Recorders are very traditional and probably the most prominent in the Western classical music. You might have learnt it in the schools, now master it with us. Join us for a trial and we can start with your childhood memories.

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