Small Children

Many think about what the right age is to begin their child’s music journey. The answer is to begin as early as possible, even as early as age 1, when your child can step into the land of tunes. Just as they play with their toys, through the introduction of music they will be adding a lot of positivity to their world. The child is primed to enjoy music from their days in the womb.

Research also reveals that infants can recognize a melody far before they can comprehend words. In many places, music is a part of culture. Scientific research has also shown that music enhances brain development, cognition, reading and language abilities. It brings harmony to the body and mind. Children’s brains are highly active and acquainting them to creative and constructive hobbies has a positive impact on their future development. Bring your toddler or child to us and we will see if they like the strings, the drums, the keys, or the flutes – either way, you can be assured that he or she will be a musical magician.


We are not admiting new children at the moment, but write to us and you will be put on the waiting list!

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