“A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin, what else does a man need to be happy” – Albert Einstein

It is the dream of an artisan, beautifully sculptured with wood, twined with four strings and caringly stretched with a bow. Often referred as the ‘concert master’, Violin is traditional, a legacy of generations both of who create and play. It is often regarded as the most popular instrument. Italian legends carried the violin from fiddle to the first chair. Violin are used for versatile styles ranging from fast, slow, and sanguine  .First chair violinists are leaders of the orchestra, second only to the conductor, tunes the play with the solo, brings the harmony and co-ordinates all other instruments. All our musicians don’t train, they transcend you in the quest of realizing the peace with violin playing. As the legends say “Violin should be played with love, or not at all”. We understand that to be an expert is a process, but it’s our passion to train you. We are hooked to Violin, visit us for a free trial lesson, fall in love with the mesmerizing strings and tunes of Violin.

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